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    bmwtype v2 light-221 bmwtype light-221 bmw typev2 light-221 "bmwtype light"-221 bmw typ light-222 bmw type v2 light-1352 bmw.-type light-1352 "bmw type light"-1352 "bmw type v2 light"-1352 bmw type light-1352

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    7 matches comment ! not ALL free fonts are listed on Abstract or Dafont, some designers choose where they want to be distributed. But what's the point of giving the same link as above, Prop?
    7 matches comment Wondering what this Clarendon-like typeface (or maybe even actual Clarendon variation/style) is or any details on it. Thanks in advance my loves :) ~Lauren More examples can be seen here http://www.okaybeta.com/work/beautiful.html
    7 matches comment Can anyone direct me to a (free) font that looks like cursive and chrome? We're trying to replicate the font from the Disney movie "Cars" for an elementary school project. Thanks--
    1 matches comment Here is light BT and Medium BT The easiest way to look for fonts...and i'm giving my secret away lol.. Find out the file name of the font go to google and type in "index of" with quotes and type in the file name ;)
    7 matches comment [quote]Other thing, Alex, I can not see some background info anymore. Not urgent but it did help.[/quote] what type of background info are you referring to? i will be working on restoring usernames, but i will only do that on request, since i don't know the AF -> AF Forum username connections unless the user tells me. So please, in this thread, request for me to assign the old forum posts to your new, or existing new forum username. Provide your old username and the new username.
    2 matches comment view details for free font #11689 Dear Abstract Fonts, We love the Existence Light font. Do you have the Regular, Bold and Italic version as well in addition to the Light? Thank you for your help in advance, Regards from Hungary
    1 matches comment :oops: Mea Culpa and shame on me! I presumed that Parsons Italic Light and Parsons Italic was the same type. Oops! But then, they should have named it oblique. Anyway, Igot some of the Parsons Itacil around and are these sick! No space before a return? Half the character blanked out. Have Typograf look at the charactermap: instant coma. Now, as the Parsons Italic is a swashy version of the Parsons Italic Light and the lowercase of the 'Light' matches the Shelly Andante perfectly the solution should be - and indeed is - simple: we need the swashy versions of the Shelly Andante, Sheer Beauty. Shelly Volante and Sheer Grace are the answer. All said about the differences towards the Parsons Italic Light is also valid here. Hope this makes you happy.
    3 matches comment correction, it is called Lithos Light and you can buy it through our partners: http://www.wddgtv.live/fonts/search/full_listing.htm?kw=lithos+light enjoy!
    4 matches comment Looking for thin type like the attached or the one in http://www.behance.net/gallery/Toormix-New-Papers/311993 Please help!
    2 matches comment ? view details for free font #14795 Please, remove as it is a knockoff of Bauhaus light.

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    Isis Type Foundry . Misprinted Type external . Pastaza Type external . Reference Type Foundry . Surface Type . The League of Moveable Type external . The Type Fetish external . Unauthorized Type .

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    Just Seven Light Light
    Hi-Light Bold
    Hi-Light Regular
    Afrobeat Light
    Light Fit D
    Romic Light LET
    Julienne Light
    Julienne Light Italic
    Julienne Light Volume
    LTC Cloister Light and Light Italic Volume
    Quartal Cyrillic + Western Cond Light Light
    CM Taluhla Light
    Always Light
    Bi Bi Light
    DF-Ko Light
    m7 Light
    May One MF Light
    Or MF Light
    Still MF Light
    That Light
    Title Gothic Light
    Love Light ROB
    Romic Light Italic LET
    Akzidenz-Grotesk Next? Light and Light Italic
    Glitterati Light
    Slim Kim Light
    Extreme Sans Light
    Chromosome Light
    Tilden Sans Light
    Animated Gothic Light
    Chromosome Reversed Light
    Slim Kim Light Italic
    Oblik Classic Light
    Wide Display Light
    Bombelli Light Hand
    Copperplate Classic Light
    Fontdinerdotcom Jazz Light
    Title Gothic Light
    Wade Sans Light LET
    Designer RD Light
    Extreme Sans Light Italic
    Extreme Sans Light Volume
    Akzidenz-Grotesk Next? Extra Light and Extra Light Italic
    Oblik Classic Light Italic
    Wide Display Light+LightShadow
    Designer RD Ultra Light
    GPMetro Light
    Battleslab Light
    CarbonPlus Light
    DyeLine Light
    Egyptian505 SB-Light
    Egyptian505 SH-Light
    FreeSet Light
    FT MasterOfPoster Light
    NeoGram Light
    ParaCaps Light
    Prosa Light MF
    TheNautiGal Light
    VAGRounded Light
    Waldorfschrift Light
    ZionTrain Light
    WTF Vecta Light
    BsRetchnov Light
    DecoAkt Light
    DecoUni Light
    Eden Light MF
    Else NPLStd-Light
    Iru 1-Light
    Iru 2-Light
    NewLibris Light
    NuOrder Light
    OL Egyptian-Light
    OL Manhattan-Light
    OL Radiant-Light
    Petite Light MF
    Punavuor Light
    Stratum 1 Light
    Stratum 2 Light
    TCAdminister RR Light
    TCKingsley RR Light
    TTYouth Light
    TXLithium Light
    Norpeth Light
    Copperplate Classic Light Round
    Copperplate Classic Sans Light
    Cohort Light
    Sung ASC Light
    Egret Light
    Egret Light Flourish
    Always Cond Light
    Bi Bi Light Expanded
    DF-Ko Light-Italic
    m7 Light Italic
    That Light Italic
    Verb Light
    Nasalization Light

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