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    1 matches comment view details for free font #11510 as a moderator, you have access to http://dev.abstractfonts.com/ Check it out and let me know if the dynamic images show up for you. You might have to open the details for one of the fonts and resave the preview text so it remembrs it for dev.af let me know if you have any difficulties
    2 matches comment I have a pdf file of Marathi, I need to copy it to my pagemaker file, it says missing font VArial-Unicode-MS Bold which i am not able to get. Can i get that font
    1 matches comment I need some help of you can you tell me which fonts are they? Font 1 : http://www.redkaos.de/0708/zbaut05.jpg (The right writing) Font 2 http://www.wellcoolstuff.com/Merchant2/graphics/00000001/sneakbros02.jpg (The purple writing) Font 3 :http://www.freakbrothers.org/assets/images/Schriftzug_-_Freakbrothers_gross.gif I hope you can help me I serch for it for a long time without succsess Thanks
    1 matches comment Hello it's me "the heidi fliess" of the dev/design world, or heidi montag whoever she is... anyways I do have a font i'd like ID'ed if you could. Sorry for the small pic, its of a book I have and I dont have a scanner or digi cam at present so I had to find one on the web. There were aparently two versions of this book, the one I'm seeking being the least common, as this is the ONLY picture on the net I could find. So here it is:
    1 matches comment well, i use PHP with MySQL... everything that you see on this site is done in PHP. however, it is mostly Linux/Unix-oriented language. If your server is NT, ASP would be the way to go. you can learn JSP when you will be learning Java. PHP is VERY easy to start and it is VERY powerful. Also, it is the most popular language for web dev... so i'd go with PHP http://www.php.net
    2 matches comment Hmm, never heard of a font like that. But you may want to think about taking a font with a "sliced zero" and take it for an u/c O. Some fonts which have this are: Dev Gothic Labtop Lane-family interesting typeface ... Micro Mieps-family Street Street-Corner Maybe that helps.
    1 matches comment Woah - Nymphont... so you know, you're really not that attractive. Why is it the ones who are ok looking that get all diva? Anyway, if you don't put your information in the font file itself, you are just opening yourself up for intellectual property theft. You're a very talented typography designer, but you seriously need an attitude adjustment. For one thing, this conversation turned hostile because you come across as hostile and to be quite honest, incredibly bitchy. This is not the industry to act like an angry stripper. Leave the drama at the club and don't bring it into a professional atmosphere. And so you know, there are FAR more attractive geeks than you around here, and clearly have more class than you. If you ever did get net-famous, you would be the Heidi Montag of the Dev/Design world. Everyone would just wish you would go away and overlook anything great you have made. I'm sure you're going to blow up at me, as well, but as a fellow woman, and fellow designer - knock it off, you're making yourself very unlikeable.

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    Shree Devanagari 0708 Family
    Shree Devanagari 0708 Bold
    Shree Devanagari 0708 Italic
    Shree Devanagari 0708 Regular
    Shree Devanagari 0708 Bold Italic
    Mangal Regular
    Mangal Bold
    Mangal Family - Devanagari
    Shree Devanagari 0700 Family
    Shree Devanagari 0701 Family
    Shree Devanagari 0703 Family
    Shree Devanagari 0704 Family
    Shree Devanagari 0706 Family
    Shree Devanagari 0710 Family
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    Shree Devanagari 0732 Family
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    Shree Devanagari 0735 Family
    Shree Devanagari 0736 Family
    Shree Devanagari 0738 Family
    Shree Devanagari 0739 Family
    Shree Devanagari 0741 Family
    Shree Devanagari 0742 Family
    Shree Devanagari 0744 Family
    Shree Devanagari 0746 Family
    Shree Devanagari 0748 Family
    Shree Telugu 0900 Bold
    Shree Telugu 0908 Bold
    Shree Telugu 0940 Bold
    Shree Telugu 0944 Bold
    Shree Telugu 1602 Bold
    Shree Telugu 1608 Bold
    Shree Telugu 1616 Bold
    Shree Telugu 1624 Bold
    Shree Telugu 1642 Bold
    Shree Gujarati 0750 Family
    Shree Gujarati 0752 Family
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    Shree Gujarati 0794 Family
    Shree Gujarati 0795 Family
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    Shree Gujarati 0797 Family
    Shree Gujarati 0798 Family
    Shree Gujarati 0799 Family
    Shree Kannada 0850 Bold
    Shree Kannada 0850 Family
    Shree Kannada 0850 Italic
    Shree Kannada 0850 Regular
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    Shree Kannada 0852 Regular
    Shree Kannada 0853 Family
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    Shree Kannada 0853 Regular
    Shree Kannada 0854 Bold
    Shree Kannada 0854 Family
    Shree Kannada 0854 Italic
    Shree Kannada 0854 Regular
    Shree Kannada 0856 Family

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